Mumford & Sons' new album could seem them head in a different direction.

Frontman Marcus Mumford has revealed he has an idea in mind for the sound of the folk-rock band's follow-up to 2015's 'Wilder Mind', but he's yet to discuss it with his bandmates, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane.

Speaking at the launch of the shortlist for the 2017 Hyundai Mercury Prize at the Langham Hotel in London on Thursday morning (27.07.17), Marcus said: ''We are in and out of the studio collaborating with people. We are just enjoying it.

''We don't need a quick record, we just need a good record.

''We've got some good songs.''

Asked about the direction, he added ''I have a good idea, but I need to discuss it with the other lads first.''

Marcus recently said they're in a similar frame of mind to that which inspired their debut release, 'Sigh No More', back in 2009.

He shared: ''We've been playing a couple of new songs a night on this tour, and we've gone back to the mentality we had when we first started out, when every song was new to the audience and we'd get away with experimenting on them almost every night - working out what wasn't quite right, which lyrics didn't work, how 60 people in a pub reacted to certain things.

''That was always part of our writing process, but on 'Wilder Mind' we kind of changed that mentality - we wrote it less on the road and more in the studio.

''People can share songs online so much more easily these days, so that experimentation is a little riskier than before, but we try not to be too precious about it.''