MUD singer LES GRAY died leaving only $123,000 (GBP65,000) after his debts were paid off.

The chain-smoking 57-year-old, who died of throat cancer last February (04) near his home in Portugal, left an estate worth $455,000 (GBP240,000) but once his substantial bills were settled the amount left to his family was considerably lower.

The successful 1970s rockers topped the charts with such hits as Tiger FEET before splitting in 1977.

However, despite living a luxurious rock 'n' roll lifestyle in their heyday, poor financial management left the band in financial hardship.

Gray's widow CAROL says, "In the early days, Mud had drivers, their own limo, roadies and personal assistants.

"But a lot of bands in the 70s got bad deals and couldn't renegotiate so got stuck on those deals for ever. Les felt ripped off."

22/03/2005 13:40