"Cleverly stupid" -- that's the way Nathan Lee describes Scary Movie 4 in the New York Times. Lee attends to the movie in just 233 words, one of the shortest reviews in memory for any movie by any major newspaper -- and a positive one at that. Jami Bernard's in the New York Daily News is even shorter -- just 197 words, and indicates that the movie offers "plenty of chuckles" but few "true belly laughs." Likewise Steven Rea in the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that the film offers laughs, "but not nearly as many as you'd hoped." (His review is a comparatively lengthy 353 words.) Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post, who admits he "kind of liked" the movie, puts it this way: "Scary Movie 4 never takes you close to death by laughter ... but it's funny enough to turn the hands on your watch much more quickly than you can believe." But several critics aren't nearly so charitable. Joey Guerra in the Houston Chronicle calls it "an unruly, unmitigated mess." And Matt Weitz in the Dallas Morning News describes it as a "formulaic [exercise] in franchise extension." (297 words.]