Aquamarine is a mermaid movie for the "tweener" crowd. Gene Seymour in Newsday writes that it is "as sweet and disposable as the gummy snakes its eponymous heroine loves so much." Comments Kyle Smith in the New York Post: "This movie's no Little Mermaid and it doesn't make much of a Splash. But it's high-spirited, innocent fun." Melinda Ennis in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution prefaces her review with this warning: "If you're a male between 5 and 95, "Aquamarine," a junior chick flick about two pre-pubescent girls who find and befriend a mermaid, could make you green at the gills. However, if you are now or ever have been a girl of 8 to 13, you'll be occasionally charmed by the giggly bonds of girlfriends and 'guppie love' the film portrays -- but also occasionally green at the gills." And Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times describes the problem that any reviewer is likely to encounter with the film. "I know there's an audience for this movie just as surely as I know I am not that audience," he writes.