Aliens in the Attic , which was not pre-screened for critics, got mostly ho-hum reviews from them over the weekend. Peter Hartlaub's review in the San Francisco Chronicle was typical "It's doubtful that many people will be asking for their money back after seeing this movie," he wrote. "But they won't be remembering too much about it 24 hours later, either." Linda Barnard in the Toronto Star had the identical reaction, calling the movie, "a forgettable bit of fluff that will zip out of your orbit as soon as the credits roll." Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel offered a few ideas for an ad campaign for the movie " Aliens in the Attic At least it's not I Love You Beth Cooper! " " Aliens in the Atti c Cheaper than G-Force 3D. " Or " Aliens in the Attic See it or we'll make a Chipmunks sequel!" At least Glenn Whipp in the Los Angeles Times found it "better than most movies that aren't screened in advance for critics."