British beauty EMILY MORTIMER still cringes with embarrassment when she recalls filming THE 51ST STATE with SAMUEL L JACKSON - because she mistakenly splashed him with her mucous.

Mortimer, who was admits she was "horribly miscast" as a tough girl in the movie, learned not to let her character spill over into real-life when her bodily functions left her red-faced.

She says, "I had to do this first scene with (Jackson) and I had a gun against his neck in an elevator.

"It was very intimidating, because there was Samuel L Jackson, I felt miscast in the role and I had this gun against his neck and we were nose to nose and staring at each other. I was trying to be very mean and cool and he was succeeding in being very mean and cool back.

"We got to the end of the scene, the director said, 'Cut,' and that was it, I thought. I started to sort of shuffle off and he kept staring. He's very good at staring. I thought, 'This is obviously some sort of test. I've got to keep staring at him too. It's like some initiation I've got to pass.'

"It went on forever and ever and people were starting to get rather uncomfortable.. In the end I thought, 'Actually, I don't want this to carry on anymore. I'm not enjoying it... How can I end this moment?'

"I sort of galvanised myself to laugh and I did a sort of pathetic (chuckle). As I did so, not one, but two of the most enormous bubbles of snot came out of my nostrils and pinged against his nose. He looked at me in disgust and walked off.

"But we got on very well after that. I think once I'd snotted all over him he felt deeply affectionate towards me."