British R+B star MARK 'THE MACK' MORRISON insists he never planned for someone else to carry out his community service punishment during the 1990s - it was all down to mistaken identity. The RETURN OF THE MACK hitmaker was jailed for one year after violating a community service order given to him for his part in a nightclub brawl in 1995. Morrison claims the incident occurred when his bodyguard was mistaken for him. He explains, "It honestly wasn't my idea to get him to be my lookalike. It was just a coincidence. "I turned up with him to do my first day of work and the old woman who was in charge didn't recognise me. So she just grabbed my bodyguard and said, 'You're late, come on and get to work.' "Neither of us said anything and he just got on with it. He was washing dishes in a homeless hostel for weeks. "After that he told me one morning he was just nipping down the shop to get some orange juice, and I've never seen him since. That was about five years ago."