TV journalists are being required to produce a greater amount of content than ever before and work longer hours, with some local TV stations turning out as much as 5 1/2 hours of news programming per day, according to a study by the University of Kansas that surveyed some 900 TV journalists. Scott Reinardy, an associate professor of journalism who headed the study, concluded that 22 percent of the journalists were showing classic signs of burnout. They reportedly complained that in addition to their regular assignments they are also expected to produce content for social-media sites, devise methods for retelling their reports on other platforms and have to face more frequent deadlines. Reinardy told of one morning show host who was required to tweet three times per half hour, even while doing her show. Of the 22 percent who seemed to fall in the burnout category, the survey said, 80 percent responded 'Yes,' or 'I don't know' when asked whether they intend to leave the business.