Hollywood legend MARILYN MONROE slammed veteran actor SIR LAWRENCE OLIVIER as a conceited snob and an anti-Semitic during sessions with psychiatrist DR RALPH GREENSON.

In taped revelations made public 43 years after her death (62), Monroe criticises the thespian for his dislike of Jews but insists he is the biggest acting talent the world has ever seen.

The acting greats starred opposite each other in 1957 classic comedy THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL.

She said, "He was superficial - no that is not the word, supercilious, arrogant, a snob, conceited. Maybe a little bit anti-Semitic in the sense of some of my best friends are Jews. but damn him, a great, great actor.

"At a party he told a couple of Jewish jokes. Arthur (Miller) says his Yiddish accent is perfect."