Oscar winner MO'NIQUE's brother has confessed to molesting the actress when he was 13 and she was eight.
Gerald Imes appeared on Oprah Winfrey's TV show on Monday (19Apr10) to address allegations made by his famous sister.
The Precious star recently revealed she had banished her brother from her life - because he refused to acknowledge her allegations that he sexually abused her as a child.
In a candid TV interview taped before the Academy Awards, Mo'Nique told U.S. broadcaster Barbara Walters her sibling sexually abused her from the age of seven.
She said, "Sexual abuse can be someone touching your breasts, someone rubbing your vagina, someone rubbing your behind, someone rubbing up against you with their private parts."
Mo'Nique, 42, told Walters she was too afraid to tell her parents of her brother's actions, and didn't reveal all until she was 15.
Her folks immediately asked her brother to leave the house and he has been largely estranged from his sister ever since - but she let him back into her life when her twins were born in 2005.
Mo'Nique admitted she has had an apology of sorts from her brother, who was jailed for sexually abusing another woman.
She explained, "(He said) if you think I did something wrong then I'm sorry."
But she has had nothing to do with her brother since her twins were born: "He held one of the twins and at that moment I had a conversation with my brother, and we have not spoken since then."
But now her sibling has accepted what he did in a bid to "bring back some family unity".
He told Winfrey, "I'm here today to first acknowledge that I've been in denial for over 37 years... I did assault and inappropriately touch my sister... and for that I apologise."
Imes admitted he wasn't angry when his sister went public with allegations he had molested her - he was proud.
He added, "I'm proud that she was finally able to get to a place that she could relinquish her pain... When she made the comment that I was the individual who contributed to her playing the (movie) role that she played so magnificently, I had to look at it and say, 'Gee, I really understand her pain.'"
Imes went on to state he was high on hard drugs when he molested his sister and he himself had been sexually assaulted by members of their family.
He explained, "I did the drugs to hide my own pain, to hide my own fears, to hide my own shame but then... I became a perpetrator... and I abused and betrayed the trust of another sibling, my sister."
Mo'Nique gave Winfrey her personal blessing to conduct the emotional interview, in which Imes also revealed he had personally apologised to another girl he sexually assaulted - and served time behind bars for his actions.