The former Miss Venezuela and her husband, Thomas Henry Berry, were killed during an attempted robbery last year (14), when a group of gunmen opened fire on their vehicle, which had broken down on a highway near the town of El Cambur, Venezuela.

The couple's then-five-year-old girl, Maya, was also shot during the attack, but she survived and has since inspired Lo Que El Mar Se Llevo (What the Sea Was).

The film's story is told in two parts, and depicts the imaginary dialogue between Maya and the sea on her sixth birthday, her first without her parents, and again on her 30th birthday, as she still awaits the bedtime story her mother had promised to read to her before her death.

Producers of the short clip, uploaded to, aim to use the film to draw attention to the rising murder rates in Venezuela and other parts of Latin America.

Maya now lives with her grandparents in Miami, Florida.