Monica Belluci will continue to work for Dolce & Gabbana.

The Italian beauty has a long-standing relationship with the fashion house - who may be forced to close over hefty €343.3 million in tax evasion fines - and plans to continue shooting ad campaigns for the design duo in the future.

Monica told French newspaper supplement Madame Figaro: ''Dolce  &  Gabbana are so creative! We share a very beautiful story.

''I did my very first runway show for them, and over time, we've developed a special relationship that hasn't stopped growing and will keep evolving, I can imagine.''

The 48-year-old star might have switched from modelling to film in recent years, but insists she hasn't quit the fashion world for good and now only takes jobs for fun.

She said: ''I still love taking photos, but before it was a job. Nowadays, I only do it out of pleasure and because I want to.

''At one point in my career, it became a routine... And when something turns into a routine, it becomes less interesting.''

The striking star admits she only started working out after becoming a mother relatively late in life to Deva and then Leoni.

Monica explained: ''For a long time, I avoided all physical exercise. But after my second pregnancy, I started working with a coach. I do an hour of sport a day when I have the time, never jogging though - it's bad for my joints!''