Krista Levitan filed for divorce to end her 23-year marriage in January (16), citing irreconcilable differences and noting their date of separation as New Year's Eve (31Dec15).

At the time, Steve's representative played down the break-up, insisting the filing was "made in error and is being withdrawn".

However, Krista moved forward with the divorce and now it's turning really ugly after she filed a petition for a protective order from her ex, alleging he has been abusive, showing up at the family home and angrily harassing her, according to

Steve has vehemently denied her allegations, accusing Krista of attempting to damage his reputation.

In his legal response, he writes, "I have never assaulted my wife. I have never threatened to assault my wife. These allegations are abusive, false and an attempt to smear my name and reputation."

The judge ruled in Steve's favour and dismissed Krista's petition for a restraining order.

The estranged couple, which has three adult children together, reportedly has no prenuptial agreement, meaning the Levitans are set for a big fight over finances.

Court papers recently filed by Steve reveals the 53-year-old earns over $2.4 million (£1.7 million) a month before taxes, and places an estimated $1 million (£696,000) into a savings account after each pay cheque.

Steve, 53, is also the creator of late '90s sitcoms Just Shoot Me! and Stark Raving Mad, while he wrote episodes of Fraiser, Wings, and The Larry Sanders Show.