Supermodel Bridget Hall has turned to police for help in catching an overzealous fan she has accused of harassing her in New York.
The former Victoria's Secret beauty filed a report with cops in East Hampton Town on 28 March (12), claiming an unidentified devotee had been bombarding her with letters and cards since 3 August, 2011.
Detectives have logged the correspondence as evidence of aggravated harassment, although the notes are not thought to have been threatening.
The incident report, released on Monday (23Apr12), reads, "She stated there has been about four cards sent to her residence and each contained long written letters... This is causing her annoyance and alarm."
The documents go on to reveal that the unwanted attention has caused increasing alarm for Hall because the suspect "did mention coming out to the area of East Hampton this summer".
The correspondence has prompted officers to notify agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fbi).