The plane that went missing while carrying Italian fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni has been found off the coast of Venezuela.

The small aircraft transporting the 58-year-old co-owner of the famed Missoni label, as well as his partner and four other passengers, vanished on 4 January (13).

His concerned relatives hired a rescue team to search for the wreckage, as well as any survivors, and on Thursday (27Jun13) the plane was discovered to the north of the Los Roques archipelago.

The families of the victims have since issued a joint statement thanking members aboard the Deep Sea oceanographic vessel for carrying out the successful mission.

The message reads: "The families thank the Venezuelan government and Italian government for the effort in having made this search possible. They are confident that the investigation will follow through to the ascertainment of the cases and the responsibility for the accident."

Authorities are now working to recover the aircraft and determine whether there are any remains inside.