Carlos Rivera, the director of Carimaxx, which owns the rights to the beauty pageant in Honduras, claims Sirey failed to notify officials of red carpet events she wanted to attend and did not obtain authorisation for various photoshoots, as outlined in her contract.

However, Sirey has fired back, claiming she fell out with Rivera after he and another man allegedly verbally and physically attacked her during a meeting about one such appearance at his New York home on 30 June (16). She alleges the discussion turned violent after the two men realised she had been recording the conversation on her cell phone, and she ended up escaping by running out into the streets and calling the police.

In response to the loss of her crown and her subsequent ban from taking part in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant, she issued a statement to E! News, which reads: "It is very unfortunate this has happened and I am very disappointed and hurt, violence is never the answer. I am working with proper authorities here in the United States and Honduras and I am confident in how they are handling this situation for me."

Meanwhile, Rivera has vehemently denied Moran's accusations, declaring to La Prensa: "I never hit her. That is my truth."