MINI-ME VERNE TROYER's ex-wife has accused TV bosses of breaking up their marriage insisting the pint-sized actor had to be single for a planned reality show.

The movie star and yoga teacher GENEVIEVE GALLEN were wed briefly in January (04) but she agreed to an annulment when producers of Troyer's LIFE IS TOO SHORT show told him the marriage couldn't be a part of the show.

Gallen, who has been fighting her ex for acknowledgement of their marriage for much of this year, says, "I decided it was best to file for divorce, but if it were up to me, we would still be married and living happily together."

Meanwhile, the leggy blonde admits the couple's sex life was red hot - because Troyer was extremely well hung.

She reveals, "People used to joke that he was like a tripod and I soon found out why - everything is in proportion - except for one thing. We became very sexually creative. I would put on sexy lingerie and tease him."

28/10/2004 22:10