Michael B. Jordan wants to build a ''legacy''.

The 'Black Panther' actor is only 31 years old but he's already thinking about how he can permanently make his mark on the world as he knows life is ''short''.

He said: ''Legacy. Wanting to build one, wanting to leave something behind.

''Life is short, you know? You see cats who had their moment. Where are they now? Then you see cats people are still talking about today. God rest their souls -- why are you still talking about them? Why are they still impacting the world today?

''I want to leave something behind. A blueprint. A work ethic. Something that my great-grandkids and their kids and their kids can see: This is where it started. Lineage. Intergenerational wealth. Things that are here forever. All that.''

The 'Creed' star is enjoying his current success, and though he's been working incredibly hard, he has no plans to take a break because he feels like anything is possible right now.

He told the new issue of America's Men's Health magazine: ''Now I just have to learn how to rest.

''This moment I'm going through right now, I've worked my whole life for it. I got here and things are really starting to move. Now all my wants and ideas, I feel like anything can happen. It's crazy. Take a rest? I'm like, why I gotta rest now? I just got here. Can't stop now!''

Michael is currently training hard for his role as boxer Adonis Creed in the upcoming 'Creed II' and he has to push himself into the ''mentality'' of a fighter as part of his preparation.

He said: ''Boxers sacrifice so much. They work so hard. The diet, the gym time, the roadwork, being away from their family, they sacrifice it all for this one night. Twelve rounds. Can you do it?

''Getting into the mentality of a boxer, fighting for something, I've got to be that. Michael -- me, the actor -- has to believe the character's wants and desires. That has to feel great, that has to feel dangerous, you've got to believe that.''