Film studio MGM is taking BARBERSHOP creator Mark Brown to court after he started developing a spin-off project entitled Beauty Shop.

According to MGM - who saw the $12 million (GBP7 million) movie rake in an impressive $75 million (GBP44.11 million) at the American box office - screenwriter Brown has been, "developing, producing and marketing a screenplay and motion picture entitled Beauty Shop, that is competitive with, and highly similar to, the films in MGM's Barbershop motion picture franchise with full knowledge of MGM's prior use and exclusive rights in the Barbershop trademarks."

The studio are furious because they had also planned to make a movie entitled Beauty Shop after work is completed on the sequel, BARBERSHOP 2.

However despite their legal issues, Mark Brown remains the executive producer on Barbershop 2 which will see Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer and Eve reprise their roles.

20/11/2003 17:17