Three members of Mexican pop act Edith Y El Tsunami have been killed in an apparent drug-related execution.

The charred remains of singer Edith Gonzalez, 31, her husband Humberto Ledezma Rodriguez and her nephew Julio Cesar Segocia Gonzalez were found inside the trunk of a car in Michoacan.

All three appear to have been executed at gunpoint and then set on fire, according to local officials.

The trio had been reported missing after performing a show in Pueblo Nuevo last weekend (21Jun14).

The murders are the latest in a series of musician-related executions in Mexico - in May (14), singer Tomas Tovar Rascon was fatally shot while he was enjoying lunch at a restaurant in Sonora, and last year (Jan13), 18 band and staff members of Kombo Kolombia were kidnapped during a private show. Their bodies were pulled from a well the following day.