HITCH star Eva Mendes was so addicted to energy drink Red Bull her friends had to stage an intervention to get her to cut down on the caffeine-rich beverage. The star found herself working non-stop and desperately relied on the drink to give her an extra burst of energy. She explains, "I've had a very busy year. I've been fortunate enough to be working a lot and I got myself into a bad pattern of drinking Red Bull and using it to get me through the day. "(I was drinking) eight a day - I'm not even joking. I had a serious problem. "My friends at work were concerned, they were like, 'You're drinking a lot.' And I said, 'No, I'm not.' Total denial like a real addict. "Then they said, 'Eva, look in the trash can there are like 12 Red Bulls in there. "I said, 'Those aren't mine. Yeah, some of them are....' "So then I started masking the trash. I'd put like a newspaper over it or some other stuff. It was sad!"