LATEST: Two co-defendants in the O.J. SIMPSON armed robbery case have pleaded guilty to reduced charges, agreeing to testify against the sports star-turned-actor and three others. Walter Alexander and Charles Cashmore appeared in a Las Vegas court in separate arraignments on Tuesday (23Oct07) - to confirm they'll be testifying against the fallen American football star. Alexander pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to commit robbery, while Cashmore pleaded guilty to felony accessory to robbery in the alleged hotel suite theft of sports collectibles. In return for their testimony, Clark County District Attorney David Roger has agreed to drop charges including kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon against both men, who are now free on bail pending sentencing. Both Alexander and Cashmore are expected to testify that guns were involved in the September (07) raid that landed Simpson in jail. According to reports, Cashmore will testify that two of the men in Simpson's posse were carrying guns. Simpson spent three days in a Las Vegas jail following the incident. He was then released on bail and allowed to return home to Florida.