Meg Mathews has a shot of cider vinegar every day.

The 51-year-old interior designer - who was married to singer Noel Gallagher for four years before the pair split in 2001 - has revealed since she hit the menopause she has had to change her lifestyle, and now drinks a fresh mint tea ''every morning'' followed by multiple vitamin tablets, as well as a small glass of the health tonic to help her feel revitalised.

Speaking to Red magazine about her daily regime, she said: ''I don't eat until 11.30am. Just a fresh mint tea in the morning.

''The menopause was the kick to reassess everything.

''Then a superfood salad for lunch and salmon or chicken for dinner. I take magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D3, calcium for the bones, a shot of cider vinegar, a big shot of aloe vera, red clover for my hot flushed, evening primrose oil and fish oils.''

Meg - who has 17-year-old daughter Anais with her former musical partner - has cut out sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol from her diet and has started to exercise to help her feel youthful and to maintain her slender frame.

She said: ''I've cut out all the crap food [and] started exercising.''

Although Meg has claimed she was a ''hardcore'' party-goer in her younger years she has altered her former habits to avoid waking up on a Sunday morning with a ''pounding'' hangover, which has helped her to enjoy waking up early on the weekend.

She explained: ''I was hardcore, we all were. I probably never enjoyed Sunday mornings. But now I wake up energised not with a pounding headache. ''