EWAN McGREGOR set off on his motorbike trek around the world without saying a proper goodbye to his wife and kids - because he didn't want them to feature in the accompanying documentary.

The Scottish actor and actor pal CHARLEY BOORMAN spent over three months travelling through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and North America earlier this year (04) - and McGregor admits the send-off in April was tough.

In the documentary LONG WAY ROUND, which launched in America on Thursday night (28OCT04), he says, "I don't like my children being on television and my wife wanted to stay with them because they're all a bit upset. We said goodbye at the house."

Boorman admits the fond farewell was tough on him too - and his wife and kids were at the send-off party.

He recalls, "Saying goodbye to your wife and children and then getting on your bike and leaving I could see my wife and children crying out of the corner of my eye. It just killed me."

01/11/2004 10:47