TV self-help guru DR. Phil Mcgraw has offered his support and best wishes to Britney Spears and her family after the troubled pop star was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for her second psychiatric evaluation. Police removed Spears from her home early on Thursday morning (31Jan07) and took her to UCLA Medical Center, where she was placed on 72-hour psychiatric hold. MCGraw, who visited the singer in hospital when she was admitted for psychiatric tests at the beginning of January (08), insists he won't be getting involved this time around. The TV doctor insists he's far from surprised about Spears' latest hospital stay, stating, "If that starts on the road to getting some intervention, then that's a good thing." MCGraw was heavily criticised for going public with details about Spears' mental health after visiting her earlier in the month, but he insists that was a means to "start a low-key dialogue that might make her open to seeking help". MCGraw said he knew nothing more about Spears's condition than what has been reported and has not been in contact with the family. Meanwhile, U.S. reports suggest the singer's psychiatrist urged Spears to seek help for a serious sleeping disorder. Insiders tell Life + Style magazine, "The family are afraid her body is shutting down. She hasn't been eating for almost a week. She can't sleep, even though she's been taking sleeping pills. "The shrink went to Britney's house... and explained, 'Honey, after 60 hours without sleep you can start to hallucinate. If you're out there driving under those conditions, you are a danger to other people on the road. You've got to go to the hospital for help.'"