LATEST: TV therapist DR. Phil Mcgraw has slammed the tabloid media as hypocritical for accusing him of trying to profit off Britney Spears' breakdown by visiting the troubled singer in hospital. MCGraw went to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday (05Jan08), where Spears was being held following a stand-off with police when she refused to hand over her boys to ex-husband Kevin Federline after a scheduled visit at her Beverly Hills mansion. MCGraw then announced he planned to devote the Tuesday (08Jan08) episode of his show Dr. Phil to Spears' ongoing problems - prompting some to claim he was profitting off the Toxic star's troubles. But MCGraw, who claims Spears' mother Lynne asked him to visit her daughter and who on Monday (07Jan08) announced his decision to cancel the proposed Spears special "out of consideration" to her family, has now hit out at the media for sending an army of photographers to follow the singer everyday. He says, "They (the tabloids) are waiting for her next meltdown. These are the people that are stalking her and they want to criticise me for trying to help her, for trying to bring help to her in cooperation with the family that loves her. Get real. "Somebody needs to step up and get this young woman in to some quality care - and I do not apologise one whit, not one second, for trying to make that happen."