SAHARA star Matthew Mcconaughey is thrilled he has been named Hollywood's top party animal, insisting he thoroughly deserves the title. US publication In Touch recently dubbed him `The Life of the Party,' claiming the star had `perfected sexy socialising.' The magazine even put him ahead of party girls like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. A thrilled MCConaughey says, "I earned that one. I like to get there (party) early and I like to be the last to leave - especially if you have some good music and good company." The star believes the secret to ultimately capturing the title is all down to his smooth moves on the dance floor. He adds, "I've probably spent I don't know how many thousands of dollars paying bands to keep playing and paying clubs to stay open, saying, `Can you just play five more songs?' And if it's a charity event or something and you can go, `OK, a thousand bucks for every song you keep playing.' "I've woken up the next morning and said, 'Whoa - my pockets are empty!'"