Maya Jama wants to be a ''Bond girl''.

The 23-year-old presenter has already achieved many of her career goals, including working on MTV and having her own radio show, but she still has big dreams, including a celebrity talk show and a part in a James Bond movie.

She said: ''The end goal is a chat show, like Graham Norton or Alan Carr, with a mix between celebrity guests and silly games and then a full sit-down interview with an audience. There's also acting. I would love to be a Bond girl.''

The 'Cannonball' host - who has been dating Stormzy since 2014 - almost got her acting big break as a teenager, when casting directors from TV drama 'Skins' auditioned people from her school, but after narrowly missing out on a part, it put her off her career plan for some time.

She said: ''It got to the final two, me and another girl. She got it and I was like, 'I don't want to do acting any more.' Really, I should have stuck at it.''

After finishing school, Maya moved to London to pursue her dreams, but when her then-boyfriend Rico Gordon was tragically murdered, she almost gave up.

She recalled: ''Naturally, when you go through s**t stuff, you either wallow and it takes you ages to get out of it or you decide you don't want to feel like this any more and you focus on things that make you happy.''

But moving in with a friend gave her a new focus, though she found it hard to get her presenting breakthrough.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''I'd meet people who'd say, 'Oh yeah, she's got a nice personality, but we need someone with experience.' But how do you get that if no one is giving you a proper chance? It seemed like everyone had been to drama school or they had a friend who's a producer. I had to be everywhere and be in everyone's face. I was the kind of person who'd film YouTube videos and be like, 'Hey, can you repost this please? - harassing anyone with a few followers. That kind of worked at the beginning.''