Maya Jama injured her toe after dropping one of Stormzy's awards on her foot on Friday (09.03.18).

The 23-year-old presenter dropped the statue on her big toe which left her in agony when she was leaving the couple's home this morning.

Although boyfriend Stormzy came to Maya's aid all he told her to do was to pour some ''brown alcohol'' on the wound which was leaving ''blood everywhere'' because they ''didn't have any vodka''.

Explaining why she smelt of rum and had a ''drunken toe'' to DJ Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, she said: ''I was trying to find an item of clothing that was underneath the shelf that had some awards on - Matey's awards - and an award landed right on my toe and cut my toe, So blood everywhere ... bleeding toe. So I screamed like, 'What do I do?' And he suggested that I go to the bathroom, wash it off and then put some brown alcohol on it. I was like, 'What alcohol?' and he was like you need to wash it with brown alcohol and I was like 'What, rum?' I know you can disinfect cuts with alcohol but I didn't know which alcohol. I'm not sure [if it has to be brown alcohol] but we didn't have any vodka. So, I've got a drunken toe.''

Maya then confirmed it was neither of the BRIT Awards Stormzy picked up this year, British Male Solo Artist and British Album of the Year for 'Gang Signs & Prayer', that caused her foot injury.

She said: ''It wasn't a BRIT, it was another one.''

Despite the ordeal, Stormzy's unconventional advice did the trick and Maya - who he has been dating since 2015 - is ''doing fine'' now after following his steps to treat the injury.

She said: ''It's got a little bandage on it now, and it's doing fine.''

And it seems that the 'Blinded By Your Grace' singer isn't the only one who has bizarre medical knowledge, as Maya later revealed a fact about feet which had her radio co-hosts stunned.

She said: ''A certain amount of times a year you break your toe without knowing. You know you stub your toe so much you're like, 'Oww I think I've broken my toe' because it hurts so much but you never follow it up because you forget about it after an hour, chances are, you've broken it.''