Maya Jama has revealed that she's teaming up with Pretty Little Thing on a new line.

The 23-year-old TV and radio presenter - who has worked with the likes of Maybelline in the past - took to social media to let the ''secret out'' about her collaboration with the popular UK-based fashion retailer.

In a post on both Twitter and Instagram, she said: ''I have been working on my first ever clothing collaboration with THE AMAZING @prettylittlething.''

And Maya admitted she was still stunned to have been asked to work on her very own fashion line.

She added: ''I still can't believe It's actually happening not stopped pinching myself since and I am so happy to have been able to create a collection that not only reflects my style but looks bloody banging on everyone! COMING SOOON AAHHHHHHHHH.''

Maya - who has been dating Stormzy since 2014 - then treated her followers to a sneak peak of the upcoming line, accompanying her post with an image of her wearing a bright orange skirt, jacket and figure hugging crop top.

The former 'Trending Live!' host previously admitted that she'd love to have a fuller figure and that she dresses for the body she ''wants'' and not the one she has.

She revealed: ''I have a thinner version of the body I want, if that makes sense. If you're wearing a bodycon dress and pose in it and push your hips out, you're going to have an hourglass figure. I know what I'm doing! I actually prefer a fuller body. If I could paint my ideal, it would be a flat belly, big bum and big boobs. Like Jessica Rabbit.

''But it's not my natural body shape. I definitely dress for the body I want.''