Maya Jama would never try a Ouija board because she believes she'll be haunted by ghosts.

The 23-year-old BBC Radio 1 DJ is a firm believer in the supernatural world and so would avoid any attempt to convince her to try out one of the spirit boards - which are comprised of numbers, letters and the responses ''yes'', ''no'' and ''goodbye'' and are used to contact the undead - because she would be too fearful of the consequences.

In an interview with Stylist magazine, she said: ''I so think there's stuff that goes on. I'd never try a Ouija board because I think something will happen.''

Although she believes in ghosts, Maya has no firm idea of what happens to people when they die which makes her worry about her own life, so the presenter tries not to dwell on her own mortality and what might happen in the afterlife.

When asked if she was scared of dying, she said: ''A little bit. I don't think about it very much though. There's no point in me sitting here and trying to work out exactly what exact process happens or how long it takes for your soul to leave your body when it's just not happening yet.'' And Maya - who is in a relationship with rapper Stormzy - is very wary about having regrets and not achieving everything she wants to do before she dies.

She said ''[I fear] having regrets. Looking back and wishing I'd done lots of things I haven't. But I don't have any so far.''

Maya recommends the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne as a good mantra to live by and to ease stress.

She said: ''If you're a worrier or you stress a lot, it teaches you to change your thought process, not think about the bad stuff and focus on the good things. So I think it's good for anyone to take a leaf out of.''