Maya Jama has had over 20 piercings.

The 23-year-old presenter used to be a big fan of body jewellery but had to have a number of holes repunctured, including her nose 17 times, because they grew out.

However, she hasn't added to her piercing collection for some time.

She admitted: ''I had my tongue pierced, all up my ears, my nose I've had pierced about 17 times.

''I've had my belly button pierced twice. But that was when I was younger and loved piercings and tattoos. I haven't done anything that hurt for ages.''

While the model-and-presenter - who has been dating Stormzy for four years - usually looks glamorous in public, she is much more low-key when she doesn't have to work.

Asked when she's happiest, she told Stylist magazine: ''A Sunday when I don't have to do any work and I'm on the sofa.

''I don't have to get dressed or do my make-up and hair so I can just lie down and order food.

''I'd be watching 'Ex On The Beach USA' - it's so much more dramatic than the UK version.''

But when Maya does need to be somewhere, it can take her a lot of time to get ready.

Discussing the last time she told a lie, she admitted: ''Probably yesterday. I said I couldn't get somewhere because I was doing something but I actually needed more time to get ready.''

Despite her success, the 'True Love Or True Lies?' host wishes she was a better singer, but has accepted she'll never follow Stormzy and have a successful music career.

She said: ''[I yearn] to be able to sing. I've had so many dreams that I was a popstar.

''I just want to be an amazing singer who makes people cry with my voice, but it's never going to happen.''