Maya Jama didn't believe in monogamous relationships until she met Stormzy.

The 24-year-old presenter has been dating the 'Shut Up' hitmaker for four years and has admitted she didn't think people under the age of 28 could stay faithful until she fell for the rapper, 25, and they got into a serious relationship.

Speaking on her podcast 'When Life Gives You Melons', she said: ''To be fair, before my relationship, I used to tell everyone: 'You know what you shouldn't get in a serious relationship until you're at least 28 because then you've actually got to stay in it.' I think if you're tempted to cheat while you're on holiday then just don't be in a relationship. Just don't have it, just go on all these holidays and shag because I think cheating really hurts people's feelings.''

And, although they now live together, Maya has admitted she and the rap star could definitely have sex while their friends are asleep in the same room.

She explained: ''With my boyfriend, if my friend was asleep - definitely asleep - I probably could. You wouldn't need to, would you? If you hadn't seen each other for months and you weren't going to for ages then maybe but on a normal night it's not really needed. I probably wouldn't unless I hadn't seen matey in years and not going to see him in ages and my friend happened to be there ...''

Maya and Stormzy have quite an open relationship when it comes to bodily functions and she has no shame in letting one rip while sitting next to him.

She said: ''I'm quite open from the beginning. When we met I didn't have IBS, it's a newer thing but I used to put the shower on to do a poo but after they will catch it, they've caught the scent and once they've caught the scent I think it's best to be honest because it's going to kick off at some point.

''I think because of my laziness of having to hide things, I'd just be up front and honest about embarrassing stuff. We've been through fart wars, now we're out the other end, but it used to be like who could get the last fart on the other person. I think the sound of it is quite funny. But that's me being a child.''

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