Max George wants a puppy for Christmas.

The 'All Time Low' singer says he would love to be gifted with a cute canine pal but admits his busy schedule wouldn't allow time to care for a pet, as he is set to go on tour with The Wanted shortly after the festive season.

Max said: ''I'd really love a dog, my dog Pele died two years ago and I feel ready for another. I'd like a Boxer, but I'm a patron for Manchester Dog's home so I would probably end up getting a mutt.''

The 25-year-old hunk says lavishing his friends and family with thoughtful presents adds to the excitement on Christmas day and he isn't fussed about being gifted with items from his own wish list.

Max explained: ''I love buying presents. I love watching people open them more than receiving. Last year I got my mum a signed Audrey Hepburn autobiography that I found in a vintage shop. That was the best thing.''

Max claims he often leaves his shopping until the last minute, and while most would attempt to avoid the Christmas queues, he finds the experience relaxing.

He said: ''Christmas Eve, [is when] I go into the centre of Manchester with my dad and we'll walk off and do our own thing. It's relaxed.''