Max George would be open to dating another celebrity if he fell for them.

The Wanted singer - who is currently happy with Miss Oklahoma contestant Carrie Baker - was previously engaged 'Coronation Street' actress Michelle Keegan, and he admitted their high profile romance hasn't put him off the possibility in the future.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''To be honest I never really paid that much attention to what was said, it just didn't really get to me that much.

''It was only when people were outside my home - that was the only part that was too much. I have never dated anyone for any reason other than that I liked or loved them, so that just kind of came with it.

''All that craziness - you just have to embrace it and sort of roll with it I guess. I wouldn't shy away from dating someone because of who they are. I think that if you love someone, you love them no matter what they do.''

Max, 29, recently launched his solo career with his debut single 'Barcelona', and the English star - who is now living in Los Angeles - revealed he is a big fan of holiday flings.

He added: '''Barcelona' is a story about a holiday romance years ago, I remember when you're in your teenage years and you're on holiday, how hard it is to say goodbye at the end of the holiday - you're gutted.

''But I am definitely a fan of holiday romances! What's not to love?''

Max was with fiancee Michelle - who is now married to Mark Wright - for two years until 2012, and started dating Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal the following year.

Eight months after their split in 2014, he started dating Carrie.