Max George won't be proposing to his new girlfriend anytime soon.

The Wanted heartthrob says he has ''learnt his lesson'' from his relationship with British actress Michelle Keegan, who he got engaged to after six months of dating in June 2011, only for their marriage plans to end the following April, two months before they split for good, so won't be rushing into making a commitment to Danish lingerie model Nina Agda.

When asked if he's going to propose, he told Britain's OK! Magazine: ''No, not for a long time. I've learnt my lesson from that not to dive in. You live and learn, don't you.''

While Max, 25, insists Nina is ''just a mate'', he also says she is the ''most beautiful girl'' he has ever met and thinks everyone likes her.

He said: ''She makes me laugh. She's so funny and daft. She's not at all high-maintenance - she just likes to have fun.

''She's just a mate and obviously, yes, she's absolutely stunning. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

''She lights up the place and everyone loves her - all the boys, our security guard and our tour manager.''

And Max said Nina, isn't the jealous type, despite girls throwing themselves at the pop singer.

He said: ''She understand the work I do. I've never really had jealous girlfriends, I've been lucky.

''I've never been out with someone who's been worried about other girls.''