Matt Terry would never date a fan - especially one who contacted him via social media.

The 24-year-old pop star has said that he wouldn't entertain the idea of going on a date with someone who messaged him via the internet and would prefer to meet a girl in person.

In an interview with New! magazine, Matt was asked if he would ever date a fan who he had met via social media, to which he replied: ''I don't think so.''

Discussing his feelings on using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for romance, he added: ''I don't know about that. I find it a little cringey. I think speaking to someone in person is a lot better.''

Matt was romantically linked to 'Love Island' star Montana Brown but he dismissed any notion of love insisting the pair are just ''really good friends''.

The 'X Factor' winner's favourite form of social media is Instagram because he ''likes to look through other people's pictures''.

The 'Sucker For You' doesn't shy away from posting photos of himself on the social media site, and admits that he uses studio lighting to get the perfect shot to share with his 300,000 Instagram followers.

He admitted to taking selfies ''every now and then'' and thinks that ''they're great''.

Matt said: ''I usually tend to take them on set, where they have professional lighting. That means you only need to take one or two.''

When asked who his favourite celebrity selfie was with, he told the magazine that it was pop sensation ''Dua Lipa''.