'Supersonic' director Mat Whitecross doesn't think an Oasis reunion is on the cards for at least a ''couple of years''.

The filmmaker spent a lot of time with brothers and bitter rivals Noel and Liam Gallagher and their family while making the film about their journey to becoming the biggest band in the world.

Whitecross is hopeful the pair will put their differences aside and reform the 'Live Forever' rock band, which disbanded in 2009 after an on stage bust up, which lead to Noel leaving the group, but he thinks they will be too busy working on their solo records to commit to anything for a long time.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the StubHub Q Awards at London's Roundhouse on Wednesday night (02.11.16), about the rumours that the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers have already booked support bands for a reunion tour, Mat said: ''That sounds like nonsense to me. Since we did the film I've been asked about a reunion as if I am telepathic. I would say that they are both doing their new albums so I would imagine that rules them out for at least a couple of years. Then after that I hope so, I would love to see them on stage together again.''

Whitecross would like to see Noel and Liam get back together and put their turbulent history behind them for the sake of their parents.

He said: ''Having spent time with their family I would love them to be friends again. But it seems a shame because they are so good together.''

To make 'Supersonic' - which is named after Oasis' 1994 debut single - Whitecross was given unprecedented access to the group's archive material and Liam and Noel and their fellow band members gave hours of interviews for the project, along with people who were integral to the Manchester group's incredible rise to fame.

The movie focuses on the band's formation in 1991 and journey to their historic concerts at Knebworth Park in 1996 at which they played to 250,000 people following the runaway success of their second LP '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?', which went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.