Duchess Catherine has had her sense of style slammed by shopping expert Mary Portas.

The flame-haired television personality - who is renowned for her strong sense of style, punctuated with covered arms, big shoulders and statement colours - does not think Catherine, who was recently asked to pose for the cover of US Vogue, has a particularly good sense of fashion.

She said: "I think Duchess Catherine has done an incredible job globally, but I do not know how you can say she is a fashion icon. I just don't get that."

When asked what does make an icon, she responded: "A unique sense of style. End of. Don't you think?"

However, the British royal is not the only star to come under Mary's fire - she also thinks Cheryl Cole's time in Los Angeles, where she was a judge on the US version of 'x factor' for four auditions, was misaligned.

She said to Heat magazine: "That was really wrong wasn't it? There was that massive hair and then The Tiny body. It was really just a wrong move."