Mary Katrantzou has designed her first ever wedding dress.

The designer created a gown for Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster, the founder of the Walkabout Foundation - which distributes wheelchairs in the developing world and funds scientists working on a cure for paralysis - and says she wanted the round-necked piece to be ''modern and original''.

Speaking to W Magazine, she explained: ''We didn't want to do a classic strapless dress; we wanted it to be modern and original.

''One thing she really wanted was lots of fabric and movement, so the focus was on the skirt and designing it in a way that it appears effortless.''

Mary was keen to make sure the design was perfect since it was for such a special occasion, but isn't sure she'll be starting her own bridal collection in the future.

She said: ''It's a very intimate experience and a time consuming one, too, so it has to feel right.''

The trend-setter was invited to the big day in the Dominican Republic and was thrilled to see the blushing bride flaunt her figure in the gorgeous gown.

She added: ''She was so open and positive and even though I had never done a wedding dress before, she really trusted me to create the perfect dress for her.

''I flew to the Dominican Republic for the wedding and when it all came together I felt so humbled to be part of such a special day in her life. It felt like I'd known her for years.''