Maria Grazia Chiuri thinks 2017 has been the ''year of awakenings.''

The 53-year-old fashion designer - who was announced as the Dior's creative director in 2016 - believes the ''chain of events'' over the last 12 months have been a ''clear wake-up call'' for women across the globe.

Asked to pick her most defining moment from this year, she said: ''I don't see one, two or event three events that set the tone for 2017, but I see, rather a chain of events made up of actions and reactions. I think that, overall, 2017 was a year of awakenings. For women, certainly, but, in general, also for anyone who thought that their opinion didn't count. Recent political events are a clear wake-up call that showed us how every opinion, every vote, every thought truly counts.''

Maria only hopes the ''awakening'' encourages a ''global jump start'', which are ''in tune with the heart and mind'' of the public.

Speaking to Red magazine, she said: ''My hope is that this awakening is followed by action that gets all people, in all their diversity moving. A global jump-start to jolt society into thinking of the future as a place we are all responsible for, through our actions. Actions that must be in tune with the heart and mind.''

And Maria believes anyone who is in a position of power should use their influence in a positive way.

She said: ''In a world like ours, whoever is in a position to reach a large audience has the responsibility to use that power to make people think. You have to fight for what you believe in, even if that means pushing the limits of the familiar.''