Maren Morris wants a modern version of the wedding dress her ''badass'' mom wore for her own nuptials.

The 27-year-old singer - who got engaged to musician Ryan Hurd in July - will walk down the aisle next spring and she's taking inspiration from her mother Kellie, who wore a short gown when she tied the knot in 1989 for her own outfit.

She told People magazine: ''I'm having the dress made. I'm in the midst of getting sketches back for that.

''[My mom] was a badass and had this short wedding dress, so I sent it to this designer that I love. I was like, 'If we can do a modern version of my mom's wedding dress just dreaming something up really cool but still throwback with her vibe, I would love to make that happen.'

''So I'm just waiting to get sketches back but I know it'll be perfect.''

The 'My Church' singer is proud of how much she's got organised for her big day and she wants her guests to feel as comfortable as possible.

She said: ''I feel like we've gotten so much done in the last two weeks.

''The hardest part is the guest list! But I feel like we have all the cornerstones of the wedding planning out knocked out now -- the location, the timeline, the guest list, and we got a DJ. I think the rest of it is just details.

''We just want it to feel like a party.

''We don't want it to feel stuffy or have this long 18-course dinner. We want it to be like us. There's definitely going to be margaritas and some Motown music and my dog will be there.

! It's going to be a complete reflection of both of our styles and tastes and I'm so excited to share it with everybody.''

Maren is very excited about inviting friends and family that she doesn't get to see very often.

She said: ''It's going to be so fun seeing all the people I don't get normally throughout the year. It's going to be a huge celebration of love, and like a family reunion as well.''

And the country star is having ''the best time'' planning the smaller details.

She said: ''It's going to feel really green and lush and beautiful and twinkly.

''But the décor is the fun part, like making it your own. So I've had the best time Pinteresting.''