Maren Morris is excited about her ''genre-less'' new album.

The 'Seeing Blind' hitmaker is starting work on her second LP and loves all the ''creative freedom'' she gets with her new music.

She said: ''I'm about to record my second album, that's a really exciting and stressful time because it's a big deal and he [her husband Ryan] keeps me straight and we're just so happy to be married now and we've got our dogs waiting at home for us, so it's a good life ... I think that's the direction that music is turning now, it's very genre-less, it's boundless. I feel so excited to be able to do what I do but also on the side get to have these amazing realms of creative freedom in other genres, too.''

And the 28-year-old singer promises her new album will be ''much more positive'' and will also feature love songs about her husband.

She added to Fox News: ''I think [it's] much more positive. Not that 'Hero' was a negative album, but I was going through a break-up at the time so that's kind of where my headspace was when I put it out. This one, you know, I fell in love during all the writing processes of this record. So a lot more love songs ... it's more grown up and yeah, I've just been putting in fake track lists in my head of all the songs that I've written and it's so exciting because it's like switching things around and there's so many different facets of the sound so it's country, it's R&B, but you know it's just a couple years later in my life than the last one.''