Marcus Mumford and Justin Young teamed up to cover songs by Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

The pair - who are each enjoying their own success as part of bands Mumford & Sons and The Vaccines - recorded Bob's 1963 hit 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright' and Neil's 1977 track 'Like A Hurricane', in the early hours of Sunday morning (01.08.13) at Troy High School in Ohio, America.

Daytrotter - the website for the recording studio Horseshack - founder Sean Moeller told ''It was about 2am in Troy, Ohio Saturday night when Marcus plucked Justin out of the waterpark pool on the Stopover grounds - the after party was raging 'til 4 am there - to come on up to the un-airconditioned Troy High School auditorium to record 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright' and 'Like A Hurricane', learning them on the spot, while we, along with the exhausted superintendent of the school and his family looked on from the back row.''

Following their work Daytrotter tweeted: ''Look for the new Marcus Mumford / Justin Hayward-Young collaboration session coming soon!'', and attached an image of the pair sitting and working on the tracks.

The track is expected to be released on the website in October.