Michelin three-star chef Marco Pierre White proved that he doesn’t spare anybody his surliness as he chastised Im A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! winner Carol Thatcher, for attention seeking at his restaurant.

The chef, who is grooming ten admittedly poor cooks into master chefs in this year's Hells Kitchen, called the reality show star a "beast" when she asked him to sign a copy of a book by last season's celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Carol thought that the famously grumpy chef would want to sign the book, in which no words had been minced to describe Marco.

"Gordon says a lot about Marco Pierre White. When I knew I was coming tonight I thought I’d bring it with me and I’m waiting to see if he lives up to expectations," she said.

"Well he [Gordon] is not entirely complimentary in his book about him. I thought Marco Pierre might want to sign the page," Carol added.

The former reality television star then ventured into the kitchen to test the waters. She received a frosty reception and a cold stare after asking for the autograph and promptly left.

On her way out Marco asked sous chef Nicholas about the star: "Nicholas, who is the beast?"

Nicolas replied: "That’s Carol Thatcher boss."

"Her mother was great, I can’t say much for her," Marco added.

Carol soon returned with another request for an autograph, but this time it was a picture of Marco instead.

"Can you sign your own good looking photo please?" Carol asked, before adding to the celebrities over his shoulder: "Difficult customer this one isn’t he?"

Marco responded: "Stop seeking attention, have a bit more grace like your mother."

But the icy chef soon melted when the reality TV star told him an autographed photo of the chef would please her mother, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

He promptly signed saying that Carol's mother was "a great woman".

Meanwhile contestants continue to face the heat in the kitchen from Marco and his colleagues, who have minced no words in describing their understudy's failings.

Model Abbey Clancy and fellow contestant Anneka Rice were called "muppets" by sous chef Matt, who also used an adjective that rhymes with cooking to describe the amateur chefs.

He also layed into Abbey for being preoccupied with her looks while cooking

"She’s hard work. She’s got a big mouth on her. Every time you turn round for five minutes she’s putting lipstick on in the kitchen," Matt added.

"As a cook she’s not a very good cook at all. Her idea of cooking at home is something in a microwave – that’s what she does."

The girls will have a face off against the boys in tonight's show on ITV1 at 21:00 BST.

05/09/2007 08:08:50