A stagehand for a Polish philharmonic orchestra has been charged in the double murder of a female harpist and security guard.

The 27-year-old musician was found strangled to death on the first floor of the Lower Silesia Philharmonic in Jelenia Gora on Friday (08Mar13), while a 60-year-old security officer was discovered near the building's entrance with fatal wounds to the head.

Now a man, identified only as Michal M, has been arrested and remanded in custody for three months pending further investigation, according to the Associated Press.

The head of the company, Zuzanna Dziedzic, tells local news station Tvn24 the 29-year-old suspect was a "normal man", adding, "Nothing suggested that something like this could happen... I have no hypotheses, I still can't believe this happened."

The philharmonic orchestra will play a special concert in honour of the victims on 22 March (13).