Police in Pakistan have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping and murdering top model Fehmina Chaudhry.

The runway beauty was reported missing by her mother on 12 October (13) after receiving a text message demanding $175,500 (£117,000) for her daughter's release.

Her body was found on the streets of Islamabad two days later.

Authorities have since taken property agent Maaz Waqar into custody after he allegedly confessed to holding the 27 year old hostage in his hotel room before killing her in a car and dumping her body in a stream.

Reports suggest Chaudhry, who was based in Singapore but made regular visits to her native Pakistan, had been in talks with Waqar about setting up her own advertising agency.

Chaudhry, a married mother-of-two, had risen to fame after winning a number of beauty contests and awards, including the title of Ms Asian International in 2012.