SIDEWAYS star Virginia Madsen has come clean about her Botox shots and is urging the rest of Hollywood's leading ladies to do the same. The actress started getting Botox jabs to help ease painful migraines and now she's a huge fan of the cosmetic injections to her forehead, which help to iron out wrinkles. She tells US glossy InStyle, "I have a dermatologist who gives me Botox very sparingly. "Actresses, admit it. Everybody knows you're using Botox. Just stop using so much of it." And Madsen, 45, insists Botox and a work-out regime she picked up from Cher help her to stay looking young. She explains, "Cher was the first woman I met who was working out consistently. She directed me in a video and looked so fabulous... She was very disciplined. "Going to the gym is like insurance for your body. I actually look younger now than I did 10 years ago."