Pop icon MADONNA struggles to understand her two young children properly, because they speak to each other in French.

LOURDES, eight, and four-year-old ROCCO both attend London's Lycee Francais school where they study the gallic language - but the LIKE A VIRGIN singer and her SNATCH director husband Guy Ritchie have no knowledge of French.

The children's grandfather JOHN RITCHIE says, "Rocco is certainly picking up a lot of French. He speaks it all the time at home because Lourdes is fluent. They talk to each other in French all day, chatting away to each other non-stop.

"It's very funny. Neither Guy nor Madonna speak the language so they cannot understand anything the children are saying. They haven't a clue. It's almost like the kids have their own secret language."

07/04/2005 03:30