Maddie Ziegler has hailed Kate Hudson her ''biggest inspiration''.

The 14-year-old actress-and-dancer stars with the 'Almost Famous' actress in an upcoming mystery project from singer Sia and the teenage star has teased the venture is something completely unexpected.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''You'll have to see! It's really fun and like I said, it's something completely different and something people won't expect.

''She's amazing I mean she knows how to do everything, she's the most incredible actor and she's probably my biggest inspiration in life - her and Sia, two girl empowerment, they're amazing.''

Meanwhile, the 'Dance Moms' star can next be heard voicing mean ballet dancer 'Camille' in 'Leap!' and she admitted her character is a true portrayal of the ''snobby'' ballerinas she's encountered in real life.

She said: ''I feel like there are so many snobby ballerinas in real life and I've had to deal with a lot of mean dancers but I guess my character's just an example of what not to be in the dance scene.''

And Maddie - who appears in the film alongside Elle Fanning and Carly Rae Jepsen - urged any of her young fans encountering similar mean people to just ''block'' their comments out.

She advised: ''Just block 'em out. I just act like they don't matter at all and you know what? Their opinion means one thing but maybe it's just [to] them and not to anyone else you know? I can't let one person get in my way.''

Little is known about Sia's project with Maddie and Kate, but the older actress has shaved her head for the role.

Kate also shared a photo of herself on set with Leslie Odom Jr., prompting speculation the 'Hamilton' star is also involved in some way.